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Welcome to Augers UK Website – Auger Design & Manufacture for the 21st Century


Welcome to Augers UK Website (a parent division of Trantec Solids Handling Ltd).

Augers UK specialises in the production and supply of Augers for various industries.

Our Methods

Traditionally, auger manufacturing techniques were considered more of an art than a science. Production times were slow and in the hands of very few highly skilled craftsmen. Augers-UK has worked hard to develop modern auger manufacturing methods, opting for the latest in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAM) technology both to speed production and to cut costs.

Adopting “aerospace” methods of manufacturing produces a superior product.

Quality and reproducibility are inherent to our production process. Fractions of a millimetre inaccuracy are typical and can be easily maintained across batches. Advanced manufacturing techniques also save money.

Our methods are not labour intensive, and once the design is finalised, production can begin with minimal human intervention. These cost savings are passed to our customers, producing a superior quality product at our sensible price.


Why Choose Trantec?

Quick production is always included. Fast turnaround from design to manufacturing has enabled Augers-UK to meet the highly demanding production schedules of our clients.

We have produced many prototype augers in less than 36 hours, from inception to delivery, with standard augers received the same day!

Our methods are highly adaptable. We can produce a single “one-off” auger or cater to long production runs as required by many of our customers. Trantec’s “try-before-you-buy” service is available for multiple orders, taking the risk out of new product development and ensuring our customer’s needs are met in the first instance.

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Pharmaceutical Augers

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