Auger Tube Repair

Auger Tube Repair

Formed in 1997, Trantec Solids Handling has been dedicated to serving the solids handling industry with high quality, powder handling equipment aimed at metering, dosing, filling and conveying.

Well respected for an endless series of innovations ever since its formation, Trantec is intent on maintaining their reputation by developing further new products over the coming months. One of its specialist areas is the development of augers for different types of industries.

Trantec’s success stems from a simple formula – make the product fit the application precisely. That means using experienced engineers to assess the specification and process needs and then designing an appropriate solution. For rare or unusual applications, Trantec can carry out complete design, test and manufacture process in cooperation with the customer and other system suppliers. This facility has been used to produce high-performance augers with 316 stainless steel material.

When it came time for Trantec to produce a custom-made auger screw for Manchester-based, Bearing Mart, there was no question as to what type of material would be used, and how it would be developed. As the clients existing auger screw was no longer suitable, Trantec had devised a solution to tackle this issue. Trantec’s expertise in Auger tube repair has enabled them to replace existing auger screws.

Specialist engineers a Trantec took into account the traditional fabrication methods, used on the existing auger screw. Having invested heavily in state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAD), as a method of production, Trantec was able to utilise this and design and manufacture a tailor-made replacement. A sample of the auger screw was supplied by Bearing Mar and using sophisticated CAD technology Trantec produced a 3D model of their auger, to the dimensions required. It was imperative that Trantec worked closely with the client from initial contact, right through to the final stages. Having had approval for the development, Trantec set about programming the 3D model into CNC machinery, using the latest CAM software.

To ensure optimum reliability, Trantec focused on using 316 Stainless Steel material due to its superior strength. Finally, they were able to replicate the client’s auger-screw to fractions of a millimetre. The significant investment in CNC machinery has paid off as it has allowed Trantec to reproduce auger-screws that are stronger, more robust, durable and cost-effective.

Gareth Harrison, at Trantec, said “Adopting “aerospace” methods of manufacture produces a superior product. Quality and reproducibility are inherent to our production process. Fractions of a millimetre inaccuracy are typical and can be maintained across batches. Trantec’s advanced manufacturing techniques save costs and our methods are not labour intensive. Once the design is finalised, production can begin with minimal human intervention. These cost savings are then passed onto our customers, producing a quality product at a sensible price”.

Chris Turner at Bearing Mart said, “I am extremely impressed with the auger”.

For more information on Trantec’s auger manufacturer or auger tube repair service, please call 01282 777566.

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